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Starfish Point.

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Hang out with our friendly Starfish

Star Fish Point in Cayman Island

Rightfully named for the brightly colored pincushion starfish that reside at this secluded beach. This quiet, relaxing stop is a perfect time to crack open the cooler, grab a few beers and get the private BBQ going!

With a little help from our brightly colored friends, the calm waters here also make it a perfect spot for

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Starfish Point

Around the corner from Rum Point and a few minutes from Stingray City in Grand Cayman, you will find a secluded beach paradise that is home to one of the most exotic sea creatures: the starfish. This quiet, relaxing stop is a perfect time to crack open the cooler, grab a few beers and get the private BBQ going! With a little help from our brightly colored friends, the calm waters here also make it an ideal spot for our photographer to capture those perfect holiday portrait shots for you to share back home. Since the starfish hang out in shallow water this is a perfect spot for both non swimmers and children to enjoy wading through the waters.

About the Starfish at Starfish Point

The Red Cushion Starfish (oleaster reticulates) is the most common sea star you will find along the white sand beaches at Starfish Point. Their colors vary from intense shades of red, orange and yellow to warm hues of brown and green. The sea star can grow up to 20 inches in diameter, making it one of the largest starfish found in the Caribbean!

A Red Cushion Starfish eats by regurgitating its entire stomach to engulf the sediment mix of food. This all happens in slow motion but eventually obliterating gardens of sea grass and even small muscles! They help improve environmental balance in the ocean as their refuse makes great fertilizer for sea grass, plankton and other plant based life forms.

Typically, they have five arms, but occasionally you will see some that have four, six or even seven arms if you’re lucky! At the end of each arm they have tiny light sensors to help them navigate around the ocean floor. These magical creatures are able to regrow lost arms and in some cases the lost arm can even grow into a whole new starfish!

How to Handle Starfish

Before visiting Starfish Point our captains will teach you how to properly handle these truly remarkable creatures. The number one thing to know when visiting Starfish Point is: do NOT take the starfish out of the water! Starfish need water to breathe and eat, so taking them out of the water can be devastating to their metabolic systems. You can easily admire and take pictures of the starfish through the crystal clear, shallow waters. Also, it’s worth knowing that removing starfish from the water is illegal and can result in a hefty fine.

Unfortunately, over the years, the starfish population has been declining due to souvenir hunting. It is the responsibility of Cayman’s tour operators to protect and conserve these marvelous sea stars. When entering the natural habitat of any wild animal it is our obligation to be mindful and treat them with respect.


Sara Westerhaus
Sara Westerhaus
23:45 03 Apr 19
Our crew was Alex and River and they were awesome! They took us on a 4 hour tour. We went to two snorkeling spots, Stingray City and Starfish Point. We had such a fun and memorable time. The crew were amazing with our kids ages 5, 7 and 8 as our kids were scared of the stingrays at first but they made it fun by talking to their stingray friends. Our experience exceeded our expectations and I would definitely recommend them. Alex and River were fun and friendly and the boat was very nice and clean.read more
Wendy Rodriguez
Wendy Rodriguez
19:52 22 Mar 19
Crystal Charters went above and beyond for our day trip to Grand Cayman! The boat was clean, stocked, our guide and hostess were so helpful and knowledgeable about the area, best spots, history etc. Our family can’t wait to return and use them again!!!read more
Pam Tarrolly
Pam Tarrolly
20:31 21 Mar 19
We had an unbelievable experience with Crystal Charters! We were so impressed with the crew. Wow!! Just Awesome! They went above and beyond to make us all feel comfortable & welcome! They were friendly, entertaining and so accommodating. The boat was so clean and well stocked with water! Our family had an unbelievable experience with Crystal charters! We love the private tour and afternoon on the water. Snorkeling was like nothing else on island. Worth the time and money! Everything was perfect! One of the best days we’ve ever had on vacation. Absolutely outstanding! Also great communication from the company start to finish!!!read more
Stefani Pegram
Stefani Pegram
06:41 13 Mar 19
Amazing! Take the sunrise charter! It is sure not to disappoint! The Stingray Tour was the best thing ive ever done in my life! Friendly and informative guide!
06:55 22 Jan 19
The 7 of us went on a bioluminescence tour last night and had an amazing time! Captain Alex and Liz were incredibly professional and shared interesting information about the bay and the biology throughout our trip. I was using a cane and had slight mobility challenges but they were kindly checking in with me and helping me move around the deck.We all agreed it was one of the most unique things we've ever experienced. Thanks again Alex and Liz for such a fun evening! :)By the way, it's a bit tough to take photos of the bioluminescence, for reference, I was using a Google Pixel 3 XL phone in "night sight" mode as well as a Sony RX100 M5 for the photos that I've posted.read more
B Butler
B Butler
01:36 09 Jan 19
Thank You Crystal Charters, and especially Slim and Duncan for a fantastic afternoon and evening! My wife and I, and our 2 teenage daughters had an awesome day with you guys!! Crystal provided a personalized and unique experience by customizing our trip to include a pickup at Kaibo, followed by afternoon reef fishing and snorkeling. Slim and Duncan then dropped us off at Camama Bay for dinner. After dinner, they took us to do the bioluminescence swim (a must-do) and back to our drop-off at Kaibo.I highly recommend Crystal Charters, and Slim and Duncan! This was the highlight of our entire week in Grand Cayman!!read more

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