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Reef Fishing.

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Crystal Charters Cayman

Lobster, Conch & Reef Fishing in the Cayman Islands

Whether you’re an avid fisherman or simply looking for a delightful bonding experience with your kids, adding reef fishing in the Cayman Islands to your itinerary is a great option. The island is surrounded by a vast coral reef ecosystem that is teeming with diverse species of fish and marine life. There are miles of abundant reefs that can be explored and fished.

If your kids love to fish, we can anchor off at the reef and do some catch and release reef fishing. We provide all the fishing gear necessary but please ask during the booking process, so that we can prepare for your trip accordingly. You can also ask if trawling is an option on your boat to see if we can catch a mackerel or even a barracuda!

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What is Conch?

Fishing Cayman Islands
This common name refers collectively to a variety of medium-large shell sea creatures. While there are many types of Conch around the world, queen conch is the most populous in the Grand Cayman.

Interesting facts about them include:

  • They spend their first year buried under the sand during the day only coming out to feed at night
  • They are native to the Caribbean, including Bermuda, Bahamas and the Florida Keys.
  • Their natural predators include blue crabs, nurse sharks, eagle rays and spiny lobsters to name a few.
  • They are herbivores
  • They take five years to reach maturity
  • They produce natural pearls

When is Conch Season and what are the Rules Involved in catching them?

The Conch season in the Cayman is between 1st November to 31st April. According to the government laws, no one is allowed to fish, possess, or purchase conch from Cayman waters between 1st May to 31st October. During the open season, the law limits fishing to 5 conchs per person per day or 10 conchs per boat. Violation of these laws will inflict penalties and fines.

How do we Prepare Conch Ceviche?

Fishing Cayman Islands

Now that you have had a great time helping our captains free-dive for conch, what’s next? It’s time to indulge yourself in a unique and delicious taste of our signature Conch Ceviche.

Our captains marinate the ceviche in lime juice, onions, pepper and tomatoes to give it that unique taste that explodes as it hits your mouth. If you’re looking to add a local twist to your ceviche, ask our captains to prepare the conch Cayman style!

Spiny Lobsters

Fishing Cayman Islands

Everyone knows that lobster makes for a delicious dinner, but few know about the interesting lives these creatures live. Here are some interesting facts about these popular invertebrates:

  • When they mate their eggs are not fertilized immediately
  • Once hatched, the larvae travel long distances as plankton in currents before settling in shallow water nursery habitats.
  • Lobsters can live as long as 20 years
  • Three of their five pairs of legs have sharp claws
  • As they grow, a spiny lobster molts and loses its hard protective exoskeleton. After this, the lobster is soft-bodied and very vulnerable to predators for about two days until a new, larger exoskeleton forms.
  • Spiny lobsters have two large antennae covered with sharp points, which are used for defense and fighting. They also have two smaller antennules, which are sensory organs that detect chemicals and movement in the water.
  • Spiny lobsters are nocturnal, emerging from their hiding space at night to forage for food – including crabs, clams, and other invertebrates.

When is Lobster Season and what are the rules involved in catching them?

Lobster season in Cayman is between 1st December – 28th February. During the closed season, nobody is supposed to fish, possess, or purchase lobster taken from Cayman waters. During the open season, the law requires a limit of three lobster per person or six per boat per day. Violation of these laws will lead to the aforementioned penalties.

How do we prepare lobster?

Fishing Cayman Islands

There’s no better way to prepare lobster than on a grill, which we have right on the back of our Egg Harbor Vessel. Our captains use the perfect combination of butter, lemon, salt & pepper to create a local delicacy that cannot be any more fresh!

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Reef Fishing in the Cayman Islands

Fishing Cayman Islands
Reef fishing in the Cayman Islands is a more relaxed, slow paced fishing adventure compared to deep sea fishing. Unwind as you spend the day aboard one of our charter boats while our experienced crew bring you to some of the most beautiful fishing spots in Grand Cayman. This is the perfect way to spend quality time with loved ones, soak up the beauty of the island, while exploring magnificent coral reefs and learning about marine life.
Below are just a few of the possible fish species you may encounter while fishing in the Cayman Islands with Crystal Charters.

Yellowtail Snappers

Fishing Cayman Islands
Yellowtail Snapper are a fish species popular in the Western Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico. Though they are rarer than many other snapper species, they are found to be concentrated in Florida, Bahamas, and the Caymans islands.

Mutton Snapper

Fishing Cayman Islands
Mutton Snapper are a prized catch for great fishermen because of their spirited fight and delicious meat. They can be up to 2 feet long and are native to the Western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean.

Bar Jack

Fishing Cayman Islands
Also known as the Red Jack, Blue-striped Cavalla, Carbonero, or Passing Jack. They are a very common inshore marine fish.

Bermuda Chub

Fishing Cayman Islands
Bermuda Chub belong to Kyphosus genus and are found in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Florida, Bahamas, and Bermuda along walls and coral reefs.

Needle Fish

Fishing Grand Cayman
Needle Fish look similar to North America freshwater Gars. They have long elongated jaws filled with sharp teeth.


Fishing Grand Cayman
Grunts closely resemble the French Grunt and the Blue-striped Grunt – belonging to the grunt genus.

Parrot Fish

Fishing Grand Cayman
Parrot Fish comprise of a group of marine species. They prefer shallow subtropical and tropical oceans around the world and include 95 species, making them one of the most diverse sea creatures.

Environmental safety

We take protecting and preserving our oceans from exploitive human activities like overfishing very seriously which is why we always practice safe fishing methods. We practice catch and release fishing to help keep marine life healthy and sustainable; however, fish within legal size limits can be taken home. We are aware and fully compliant with all the local fishing laws to facilitate your lobster, conch and reef fishing in the Cayman Islands. You will be provided with all the fishing information you need to have a safe and eco friendly experience!


Joanne Guarnaccia
Joanne Guarnaccia
23:35 19 Aug 19
LOOK NO FURTHER - FANTASTIC PRIVATE TOUR!Captain Sheldon and his crew were FANTASTIC! We started at Stingray Sandbar, onto Snorkeling, Starfish Beach and ended our tour at Kaibo Beach Bar. Our party of 15 were all impressed with the professionalism, patience and knowledge of Captain Sheldon and his crew. We really had a perfect day. Kristie was so helpful throughout the booking process. She promptly answered all of my numerous emails and answered all my questions with much appreciated politeness and efficiency. Look no further if you want to have one of the best experiences in Grand Cayman! Thank you Captain Sheldon and crew, Kristie and Crystal Charters!!read more
Jacob Didier
Jacob Didier
18:53 28 Jul 19
Awesome time with Crystal Charters Grand Cayman! Alex and Ricky were two very knowledgeable and very cool guys. Their experience and professionalism made for a great day of snorkeling, stingrays, and starfish. I’d give 6/5 stars if I could! Definitely plan to return next time I’m on the island and would recommend over any crowded group tour.read more
Jennifer Beauchamp
Jennifer Beauchamp
13:20 21 Jul 19
I wish I could give this company more than 5 stars. They are amazing! I emailed so many times with questions and was always answered quickly and with great customer service. Our charter was a 4 hour trip on the 45 foot boat with Willis and Brandon. They were incredible. They could not have been more helpful. They got in the water with us and picked up stingrays and helped us hold them! We went to see the starfish at Starfish point and again the staff jumped in, found starfish for us to hold. They were incredible with my 3 year old and even entertained him in the water and gave me my own time to go snorkeling as he couldn’t get the hang of snorkeling. It was an amazing day! I highly recommend them!read more
Caden & Cullen
Caden & Cullen
02:50 20 Jul 19
Crystal Charters was great!! Was our best day on the island. They were very accommodating. Made sure we had everything we needed. Took us where we wanted to go. Top notch service. Would book them again no doubt!read more
Jen Jobe
Jen Jobe
02:16 18 Jul 19
We loved our experience with Crystal Charters. The boat captains did an amazing job with our group of 6 kids varying from 7-14 and all different ranges of snorkeling abilities. They helped the nervous kids at sting ray city and showed everyone unique fish during the snorkel. Kristie did a fabulous job booking our day and accommodating all of our needs. We highly recommend them and will use them again.read more
kaili klieman
kaili klieman
15:28 17 Jul 19
Awesome experience! We chartered a boat for snorkeling, stingray city and starfish point. Everything was excellent- communication with the office and the crew of the boat. We had a group of 16 ranging in age from 3-71 and everyone enjoyed themselves. We also did the mangrove tour and biobay and it was another great time for all. I would highly recommend doing these tours!read more

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