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Glow in the dark at Bio Bay!



Bioluminescence Bay Crystal Charters Grand CaymanThe Bio Bay is an absolute must-do for anyone visiting the Cayman Islands. This magical site is home to one of only a small number of locations in the world where you can experience this phenomenon. By stirring the water, it causes millions of tiny microorganisms called ‘Pyrodinium Bahamanse’ to light up, creating a mesmerizing display of nature. 

You can enjoy this tour as a quick 2-hour trip or include it at the end of your day charter. We only offer private charters, so it will only be you any your family on board, allowing you more time in the water. After having a blast during the day with our fun activities, we can enjoy the sunset as we eat at Kaibo beach bar until we’re ready to go on our Bioluminescence adventure.

Once we find the best spot to anchor, our educated captains will teach you all about this fascinating display of nature’s most captivating wonders. Our captains are great at getting the kids excited about learning and love making this experience one of your most cherished in Cayman!

The only way worth experiencing Bioluminescence is by jumping and seeing it up close. That’s one advantage of doing the Bio Bay by boat. We’ll provide you with all the snorkel gear you need and away you go! Just imagine thousands of little sparks flying off you as you swim around in the dark.

It really is a once in a lifetime experience, in which many of the visitors leaving Cayman say the bioluminescence is by far the best experience of their entire trip. It’s an adventure you and your family will never forget!

After splashing around in the Bio Bay, we will slow cruise back as you stargaze in to the night sky, which makes for a perfect ending to any trip!


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